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Honda Civic Hybrid....The Future Dream Machine

Exceptional performance, as it is equipped with 3 Stage i-VTEC (Variable valve timing and lift electronic control) for 3 levels of speed is low speed, high speed and cylinder idle mode, a super electric motor, integrated motor assist with a CVT transmission.

Honda Civic Hybrid is increasingly popular around the world. Accompanied by the sharp rise in fuel costs, this trend will accelerate sales figure Honda Civic Hybrid. If the figures were believed then that their sales will soon surpass as cosumers are opting to reduce their carbon foot print through the green fuel technology.

Hybrid engine

Note that the hybrid battery can be recharged using the energy released from the engine and the engine when the car brakes or decelerates gradually. This is a feature of the vehicle, but it works best in the city, where the driving and regenerative braking deceleration is often applied. So recharge the batteries a problem driving on the highway where the speed is stable and braking is not often.

Honda Civic Hybrid has shed its old line of sight and the body long ago. The new Honda Civic has a futuristic body image and style. A look inside the car, you can not simply resist the sinking find plush leather seats and electric mirrors, power telescopic steering column, new instrument panel, age 3 spoke steering wheel with tilt for comfort. Simply drive to your destination in the new Honda Civic Hybrid to listen to your favorite music in the state of the art audio.
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