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It's been almost 10 years since I've found myself glued to any form of instant media consumption device like I have the past few days. I've completely lost count of how many times I've hit refresh on my preferred news outlets or how many hours I've sat wide eyed staring at my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook streams waiting for any good news to come out of the earthquakes, tsunamis and problems with various Nuclear powerplants.

It has been scenes like this partially submerged and undistinguishable sports car (from The Atlantic's In Focus), with its Volk Racing wheels and Project Mu brake rotors, which really touch home for a good portion of us as we waited for news of how the various tuning shops and racetracks faired in the aftermath.
Dino has done a great job in updating us with the state of tracks like Ebisu and Tsukuba through out Facebook page which you can see herehere, here and here. It has been a particularly difficult time for us, as many of the Speedhunters family and friends have been affected by these tragic events.

Cars, shops and racetracks can be repaired, rebuilt, and/or replaced but the people that are at the heart of these things cannot. We here at Speedhunters wish the Japanese people the best of luck in the recovery and rebuilding.

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