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Eighth generation

The 2006 generation of Honda split the model in two different platforms, especially for a national market and North America and the other designed for the European market by a simple rear suspension of the Honda Fit and more aggressive style. While North America and the home market model differ externally, they are mechanically identical. The European model is available as a three and five door Hatchback, while the Japanese / American model is available as a sedan or coupe. If both type I and trim levels, although the Japanese and European-type I, while sharing the same engine are different mechanically. In the U.S. an enhanced version of the tune If Honda tuner Mugen offers to the changes and cosmetic changes to the suspension and exhaust system. Acura's version of the Civic, not only was the design change, but also saw a new board, going to the Acura CSX Acura EL.

In Europe, this Civic has a 3 or 5 door hatch with a 1.4 VTEC, 1.8 VTEC (5.5-8 km / lite in the city, 9.5-12km/lite on the road) or 2.0L (R-type), motors (5.5-7 km / lite in the city, 8-10 km / lite on the road) as well as a powerful and economical 2.2 CTDI Diesel (140BHP), which makes 0-60 mph in 8.6 seconds and 54.3MPG fuel economy is 10-12 km / lite in city and 11-14 km / lite on the road. There is also room for a hybrid version, which has a 1.4 engine with IMA 61MPG to 0-60 in 12.1 seconds. The Civic Hybrid is the only one in the United Kingdom which is a saloon.

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