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Fifth generation (1992-1995) - EG, EJ1/EJ2

Introduced in 1992 the redesigned Civic are the usual increase in dimensions as well as more aerodynamic design. Cart variant was now only available in the Japanese market where the previous generation wagon has been transferred. The old model of HF came back and renamed VX as Honda's most fuel-efficient model sold at the time. In North America SI sketch forward a V-TEC valve train there as VX, a VTEC-E. Proceeding in the sporty tradition of the original Civic Sir, Honda sold more similar equipped variants of the fifth generation car, still called Civic Sir, in Japan, Asia and Europe. The range of models are encapsulated by SIR nameplate grew to include Hatchback, then and CR-X del Sol, all of which used a slightly evolved form of Honda's 1.6 liter B16A V-TEC engine, now offers 170PS.

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