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Civic Type R EK9 vtec

The Honda Civic Type R EK9 may be a performance three-door hatchback designed for the Japanese Domestic Market. The formula employed in building all Type R Honda vehicles is weight reduction and high rpm power. Honda strips everything the automotive doesn’t want such as sound deadening and bolts in a very hand ported B16B engine mated to a close ratio five-speed gearbox with limited slip differential. Honda conjointly used strategic seam welds on the monocoque chassis to improve chassis rigidity. The interior featured red Recaro seats, Type R floor mats a Momo steering wheel and a titanium shift knob. This initial generation of the Type R Civic was built from 1996 to 200zero. The Type R was the top level of performance from the Civic and was solely released to the Japanese Domestic Market.

In 1999, Honda released The Civic Type Rx that featured a compact disc player, body colored retractable powered electrical door mirrors, power windows, air conditioning, key less entry and alternative additions.

Civic ek9 spoon vtec whiteThe B16B has one among the highest power output per liter of all time for a naturally aspirated engine with 182 horsepower from just a one.6L engine. The B16B engine is a standard alternative for Honda enthusiasts that are wanting for a lot of power for his or her EK or EG Civic. Engine swaps in Honda Civics are quite common and the B16B is among the simplest choices, though its the most expensive. The B16B uses the identical block found in the Integra Type R B18C5, so the B16B block is taller than the B16A block.

The engine powering the Civic Type R EK9 is that the B16B which could be a DOHC VTEC inline four-cylinder 1.6L (1595cc) that produces 185 horsepower at 820zero rpm and 118 lb-ft of torque at 850zero rpm. The redline is set at 850zero rpm and the rev-limit could be a 9000 rpm.
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