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Honda Civic Si transform a stock Civic Si into a race car

Transforming a stock 2012 Civic Si Coupe into a competitive race car for the World Challenge is easier than you think.

As Soichiro Honda once said – “Without racing there is no Honda.” And quite rightly so, with avid Honda fans eager to pull their cars apart in order to let loose the racing soul lying within, or quite happy to make do with what’s being offered – knowing what lies beneath the hood has been race inspired.
Many of us have probably been to the workshop to watch in eager anticipation as tools connect to the car that’s being…well, disassembled. Often times, we need to watch our cars undergo ‘open heart surgery’ as the engine gets extracted – worked on and then re-inserted only to start kicking again and sounding sweeter to get your heart racing faster than a shot of adrenalin.
Meet racing surgeons of Compass 360 Racing, who will be conducting a walk-through of what they will be doing to a standard 2012 Honda Civic Si to turn it into a contender for the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.

Watch as they strip out the car of its comfort and engine and enforce a triage on the parts that will make the cut or will be replaced, with the insertion of a roll-cage and the final re-assembly of the Civic – including the 4-cylinder 2.4L VTEC engine that’s been tuned by Honda Performance Development (HPD) to produce 25% more ponies than the standard engine thanks to the use of an improved intake and exhaust flow as well as other mechanical wizardry that’s gone into the Civic.

Let's enjoy the video below :

VIDEO Honda transform a stock Civic Si into a race car
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