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Honda CR-Z ESPRIT Hybrid

Honda always knew that the CR-Z would be well received among enthusiasts. With the current trend to go green, the little hybrid sports car offers something that no eco car out there has so far, like its sporty dynamics and the option of a 6-speed manual gearbox. Being reasonably lightweight the CR-Z has a lot of potential if any owner was thinking of upgrading a few things here and there, something a lot of Japanese shops and parts manufacturers have set out to prove. While down in Suzuka recently I stopped by one of Japans better known tuning garages, Esprit, where I took a look at their own take on Honda's throwback to the legendary CR-X.
 As with all of their past demo cars you can expect this CR-Z to get pretty extreme as development progresses but to start things off they have first concentrated on the exterior...

..along with the side skirts. The rear spoiler, hood and black side mirrors covers are additional little touches.
The rear bumper is just as aggressive as the front thanks to the integrated diffuser on the lower section as well as flush fitting exhaust finishers. If their crazy twin-turbo NSX is anything to go by this is one CR-Z we will have to keep an eye on! Would be cool seeing this in December for the Lap Battle event in Tsukuba Circuit.
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Awesome honda, is awesome :3 well, to be perfectly honest, honda has always been the one car company who always went trhough for me. They always had very solid car releases and I would really love to see more in the future :)

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